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GEN 3 UPGRADE with MDT SRS-X-Folding Buttstock

$504.00 CAD

Upgrade your PGW Gen 3 stock with the MDT SRS-X-Folding Butt Stock.  Pricing is for upgrades to the Coyote and Timberwolf Gen 3 stocks and not for individual purchase.  $ 504.00-$546.00 CAD.   MDT SRS-XF – Skeleton Rifle Stock Folding

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The Gen 3 Coyote and Timberwolf rifle lines are now available in this latest adaptation of the MDT SRS-X-F  Butt Stock.  This new offering is rich with updated interface features.

The MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock XF (Folding) Buttstock was designed to provide the shooter with best-in-class strength and ergonomics, with an emphasis on adjustability and comfort.

Length of pull (LOP) can be easily adjusted and fine-tuned with the thumbwheel, and locked in place with thumb screws or set screws (both included). The buttpad can be adjusted up and down as well as canted left or right, to form fit the shoulder pocket of any shooter.

Achieving the perfect cheek weld is a breeze, simply loosen the set screws and adjust height before locking the set screws back in place.

The SRS-X-F with the NXT interface converts your Gen 3 Coyote or Timberwolf to a highly versatile rifle.

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