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Coyote Gen 3

$5,800.00 CAD

The Coyote Gen 3 package features a rifle with a newly redesigned PGWDTI fixed stock, a muzzle brake, a fluted barrel, a TriggerTech Primary trigger, and a 1-10 round AICS metal magazine, all enclosed in a Vault 770 case. Prices begin at $5800.00 CAD, with options available to upgrade the trigger, buttstock, and case. For detailed pricing, please contact

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We are excited to introduce the Gen 3 Coyote and Timberwolf!

The original folding stock was created to fit the needs of Elite Military Snipers almost 20 years ago. It remained ‘frozen’ in its design and function. Our new design goal keeps the ‘look’ of the original legacy stock, with its radius’ and contours that both look and feel good.

There are many changes to our new stock. The biggest change is the conversion to the AICS magazine system in both platforms. This streamlines magazine supply away from a proprietary magazine, offering a variety of cartridge specific magazines.

Looking closely at the front of the magazine, you will see an incorporated section of ARCA rail, machined integral to the main part of the stock. You can add more rail to the forend as needed. We have also added the ability to used MAGPUL MLOK compatible accessories on the handguard.

A double MLOK on the toe of the butt completes the system. We will be providing a bag rider with each rifle that has two positions. Installed one way, the rider is parallel to the bore. Flip it around and you will have a slight taper if you like to make elevation changes on the bench by sliding the bag forward and aft.

PGW will not be producing a folding butt. Our Gen 3 fixed version retains the look of our original folder using our legacy cheek piece and butt spacer system. If a tool-less, adjustable, or folding butt is your preference, MDT XTN components are a perfect fit. The cheekpiece pillar will snug up tightly to the bolt handle allowing it to fold.

Weight- 1 empty magazine & PGW 2 port brake

12.81lbs. / 5.82kg
SRS-X-Premiere 14.88lb/ 6.76kg
SRS-X-Fold 13.44lbs/6.11kg

Open Length - With brake

Min / 114.93cm -Max 46 in/ 116.8cm
SRS-X-Premiere Min 44.63in/113.3cm Max 45.63in/115.9cm
SRS-X-Fold Min 45in/114.3cm-Max 46in-116.8cm

Closed Length - With brake SRS-X-Folding

36.5in. / 90.5cm

Open Width-SRS-X-Premiere & SRS-X-Folding

1.75in. / 4.445cm

Closed Width-SRS-X-Premiere & SRS-X-Folding

3.375in. / 8.6cm

Magazine Internal Length

2.955 in. / 7.60cm

Barrel Twist


Barrel Material

Match Grade 416 Stainless

Barrel Length Standard

24 in.

Chamber Type

308 M-852 MATCH

Ideal Ammunition

168-175 GR

Effective Range

900 Meters

Length of Pull - Min

Gen 3 13.0in. / 33.0cm
SRS-X-Premiere 13.38in/ 34cm
SRS-X-Folding 13.88in/35.2cm

Length of Pull - Max

Gen 3 / 35.6cm
SRS-X-Premiere 14.5in/36.8cm
SRS-X-Folding 15in/38.1cm

Cheekpiece Range Of Adjustment

1in. / 2.54cm

Rifle Stock

PGW Gen 3 Stock, SRS-X-Folding, SRS-X-PREMIERE


TriggerTech Diamond, TriggerTech Special, TriggerTech Special 2 stage

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