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Today PGW Defence Technologies Inc. is a very different corporation that evolved from the original company Prairie Gun Works.  In the years since 1992 our focus, capabilities, worldwide presence and extensive list of clients has grown steadily as has the level of innovation we have brought to the market of precision rifles, Military sniper systems and various associated components.  To find ourselves in a position as a world leader in these advanced technologies is indeed a humbling experience for all those that have been involved.

Ross Spagrud

As the founder of the original company Prairie Gun Works Ross has been involved since 1992. He is a graduate of the Colorado School of Trades gunsmithing program, a highly experienced custom rifle builder and although he does not spend as much time working hands on with our products as he used to he maintains the ability to do so if required.  His primary focus within the corporation is Government Relations, contracting and client relations.

As a highly experienced big game hunter Ross has been able to bring these skills to bear in the development and re-introduction of our M15/18 series hunting rifles and incorporate lessons learned from our fully mature military rated systems into the hunting market.

He is the father of two boys who share his passion for the outdoors and the shooting sports.  Additionally he remains active in supporting the rights of all Canadians in respect to these heritage disciplines both here and abroad.

Stephen Altstadt

Steve came on board with Prairie Gun Works in 1997 and as a Journeyman Millwright and a former Reservist in the Canadian Forces his impact upon the capabilities of the company was both profound and immediate.

His ability to conceptualize and bring to reality designs has resulted in a highly accelerated product maturity process that continues to this day.

His CAD/CAM abilities were all self-taught and resulted in many highly unique processes that he has used and taught others within our organization to undertake with confidence.

He is a highly accomplished and skilled long range shooter and over the years has won numerous titles in several disciplines.  Although he does not compete much anymore he has his own private range and small machine shop along with an ammunition reloading centre that is highly advanced.  

In addition to the above his passions include astronomy, photography and sharing his knowledge of all subjects with a wide variety of people.  His design and production skills have also resulted in a number of innovations in the fields of astronomy, photography and performance automotive.