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Surgical accuracy combined with lightweight and a host of other features implemented with actual user input has created the finest 308 SWS available today.

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The PGWDTI Coyote rifle system represents the pinnacle of short action sniper system performance. Available in 308/7.62 and a wide variety of other short action chamberings including 6.5 Creedmoor this rifle has been produced and military/LE deployed in numbers exceeding 2500 pieces and its reputation for accuracy and reliability are well known amongst a wide variety of clients all over the world operating in the harshest environments.

Additionally this legendary rifle system has been utilized by countless civilian shooters in competition, hunting and recreational shooting.

Inquire today how we can exceed your expectations for your medium range rifle requirements.


14lbs. / 6.35kg

Weight - With empty magazine

14.5lbs. / 6.59kg

Open Length - With brake

45.25in. / 114.935cm

Closed Length - With brake

34.75in. / 88.265cm

Open Width

1.75in. / 4.445cm

Closed Width

3.5in. / 8.89cm

Magazine Internal Length

2.880in. / 7.315cm

Barrel Twist


Barrel Material

Match Grade 416 Stainless

Barrel Length Standard

24 in.

Chamber Type

308 M-852 MATCH

Ideal Ammunition

168-175 GR

Effective Range

900 Meters

Length of Pull - Min

13.125in. / 33.33cm

Length of Pull - Max

14.125in. / 35.87cm

Cheekpiece Range Of Adjustment

1in. / 2.54cm

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