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PGWDTI Announcement

PGW is grateful and honoured to be part of our Canadian Firearm History. We have weathered many storms of regulation, registration, COVID and ever-changing export controls. We are proud to have developed and manufactured accurate quality firearms that are in use all over the globe both in the civilian and military markets. None of this would have been possible without you the consumer and our amazing group of talented machinists, gunsmiths and employees who helped make this dream a reality. Thank you!

Due to the political, economic and hostile regulatory environment, PGWDTI will be winding down its operations. Please rest assured all PGW product warranty and service will be available through
Current orders are in the process of being completed to our high standards. Orders for remaining inventory and in-stock items will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Given enough demand in the future PGW will be doing periodic production runs to fulfill client needs. Current production has ceased as we inventory our current stock.

Thank you to everyone who owns a PGW Rifle! Thanks to our clients, suppliers, supporters and friends. We appreciate you all.

PGWDTI would love to see the legacy continue and grow, if interested in pursuing please contact

This may or may not be your last opportunity to own a piece of Canadian history.

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