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Accuracy requirement per CF specification is plus 90% probability of hitting a chest sized target at 1200M.

This rifle represents the apex of modern sniper weapons system. The design and construction of this product is the culmination of several years of research and development performed in conjunction with tactical operators. The results have spoken for themselves during both formal and informal Military, Law Enforcement and civilian testing.

Technical Specification of Timberwolf 338 SWS:

Receiver and bolt:

Receiver material:  Stainless Steel Pr. 70 416
Bolt material:  4140 C/M HTSR
# of lugs:  3 (2 front 1 rear)-one piece bolt.
Lug rotation:  90 degrees.
Recoil lugs on receiver:  3 lugs.
Scope rail screws:  10-32 (5).
Action screws:  5/16-24 (2).
Safety:  3 position with middle “field strip” position.
Ejector:  Double plunger set.
Extractor:  Hook type.
Barrel thread:  1.162X16.
Production method:  CNC-VMC, LATHE and WIRE EDM. 


Barrel material:  4140 C/M.
Barrel length:  26”
Barrel twist:  1-10”
Grooves:  6
Brake/suppressor thread:  ¾-20.
Tenon thread:  1.162X16.
Fluting:  Helical pattern.
Stress relief:  Cryogenic. 


Adjustments:  Weight, creep and over travel.
Stage:  Single.


Material:  Stainless.
Capacity:  5 rounds CIP specification 338 Lapua. Larger upon request. 

Scope rail:

Material:  Aluminum.
Pattern:  1913 Picatinny.
Slope:  Forward 25 minute. 

Stock (Folding stock available upon request)

Material:  Fiberglass.
Model:  A5.
Adjustments:  Saddle cheek piece and spacer butt.
Bedding:  PGWDTI-Titanium Cantilever Monoblock.
Swivels:  To specification.
UNS/PEQ mounts: Night vision to specification. 

Muzzle brake:

Material:  Stainless steel.
Attachment:  Quick detach (with Allen key).
Configuration:  Side port tactical. 


Material:  Titanium
Attachment:  Tool free. 

Night vision capability:

Type 1:  Simrad via custom scope ring sets.
Type 2:  UNS or MUNS via PGWDTI proprietary mount. 


Stock:  Molded camo to specification.
Metal:  Teflon color to specification. 

Transit case: (optional)

Material:  Polymer.
Case:  Fitted Hardigg iM3300 for all components

System dimensions and weights:

Rifle weight: 15lbs.
Rifle length (with brake):  49”
Rifle length (with silencer):  54”
Silencer weight:  30oz.
Silencer length:  12”.
Silencer diameter:  2”.


Sub .750 MOA with proper ammunition.  The Canadian Forces accuracy standard was evaluated by hit probability with a requirement of hitting a chest sized target at 1200m 90% of the time.  PGWDTI averaged over 95% on this standard and every weapon delivered under this contract was evaluated for accuracy and witnessed by DND officials.


Rifles Feature Kreiger Barrels and McMillan A5 Stocks

Barrels are fluted and 1-10 twist, 24" Cotoye, 26" Timberwolf
Colours are solid tan (metal) with desert camo (stock) or solid green (metal) with green camo (stock)

Any applicabe taxes or duties are not included
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Payment Terms TBD
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All pricing is quoted in Canadian Dollars

Timberwolf 338 Folder With Monolithic 45 MOA Day and Night Rail:

Timberwolf Folder Close Up:


Timberwolf Safety Close Up:

Timberwolf 338:

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